Mother Chucker’s Seeds – Longboard

Hi Fellow Dude! Mother Chuckers a Southern California breeder after all and this one was for the surfers.

Strong and fast acting mellow head high with a nice body high to help relax after a long day at the beach riding the waves. This strain is a combination of our LA Confidential Mother plant and a descendant of the famous e-32 Arcata Trainwreck cut as the Father plant.

This is something different than one of these wooden longboard Skateboards you can get to ride around;-)

Genetics: (LA Confidential x Trainwreck) F1
Type: F-1; Indica Hybrid
Father: Train Wreck
Mom: DNA’s LA Confidential

Yield: Medium
High: Strong Body high
Rank: Intermediate Skill Needed
Flowering Time Indoor: 8 – 9 weeks
Harvesting Outdoor: Mid-late September


Hello, let’s Seed the world!

Looking forward to get started on my blog.

Seeds are the start of almost everything, whether its of a plant, and fruit, vegetable or and idea.

They are everywhere and have many variations.

Let get started with this.