Beyond the slick exterior, Anna also touches on her approach to tackling stages of work, including research, and details some case studies. Anna Hlushko is a Ukrainian UX designer with a self-professed focus on minimalism. After what feels like a serious offering, Aleyna offers something of a UX visual joke at the end of her portfolio, including a fake loading page, before bidding us farewell. Gilbert’s case studies show a maturity beyond his experience, with thorough documentation giving us insight into his work processes.

Kimberly mentions the types of projects she can help with and that she prefers informal communication with clients. This helps pre-qualify any potential future customer and boosts the chances of fruitful cooperation. Stef Ivanov is a London-based UX and UI designer who has fifteen years of experience in design and branding.

Signs Your Product Strategy Is Broken—and How Designers Can Help Fix It

Likewise, your UX portfolio isn’t just about showcasing your work; it should also communicate real-world impact and value. The only clear (and critical) difference is that all of Jeff’s unsolicited redesigns are labelled as such. You must be transparent about the fact that it’s an unsolicited redesign rather than a paid or requested project—you don’t want to run into any issues with the company, or be making any false claims.

It’s the little things that make a site more attractive for visitors. Here, Madison implements strategic design elements that please the eye—like animation to grab attention and white space to create visual balance. Additionally, the use of large typography enhances the level of readability, making the site a breeze to scroll and read through. A map tracks a user’s location as they scroll through the site’s homepage, encouraging continued exploration.

The spatial awareness of Rucha Moghe

Keep up with design trends to better assess the market and the talent you may be competing against in the UX design job search and portfolio process. Olivia uses an even more minimalist design style which clearly guides the user through her case studies and experience, without providing an overwhelming amount of text. Doran highlights his multiple skill sets with a personal and fun illustration.

ui ux designer portfolio

It goes into great, step-by-step detail about her user-centered design process and how she arrived at her final designs. Rahul’s case studies are very detailed and walk people through his design process in an easily consumable way. Some designers make the mistake of adding way too much text to their case studies—most reviewers/ recruiters are busy and simply don’t have the time to go through that much detail. Use graphics and charts, they get to the heart of the process and speed up readability. Pendar goes into great detail about his UX design process on every one of his projects, presenting the problem and the challenges each presented. Looking through his UX design case studies and the hypotheses the team came up with around the product problem, make for a fascinating and educational read.

📓 Why is a good portfolio necessary?

While this approach is time-consuming, it ensures that you are not using brand colors or styles that would identify the client. You have to take your first role in UX with your next role in mind, so having work to show can be the stepping stone to greater things. Firstly I’d like to say the following are only suggestions and I would always advise asking the client first. Would you really hire someone without any evidence of their skills, process, and experience? There’s a risk even for referred or recommended candidates because these can be biased, so having evidence of your work is key.

  • ” and instantly allow visitors to emotionally connect with this designer.
  • Your content should be the main focus and your site should be easy to navigate and consume.
  • ​​Your design portfolio is likely the first impression you make on potential clients and employers, so it must stand out.
  • Henry’s website is a well-rounded portfolio where he shares a short bio, a list of completed projects, and his design philosophy.
  • Her team’s challenge was to design an app to help college students better connect with their classmates.
  • The case study is a perfect example of how UX case studies should be.
  • Jennifer uses her understanding of complementary colors and their effect on the visitor to create a seamless user experience that engages without overwhelming or distracting.

While her LinkedIn profile is filled with endorsements of her hands-on wireframing, user research, and information architecture skills, her online portfolio features leadership content. She synthesizes her past experiences and shares advice with those who want to progress in the UX design field. Scrolling down, it’s clear that this portfolio belongs to a talented and playful UX designer. As a visitor, you can flip a switch between UI/UX work and “Fun Work”. Both of which present a wide range of apps and products he’s designed.

What Is a UX Design Portfolio?

If your work revolves around stunning visuals, the Pixpa website builder is for you. Pixpa’s incredible galleries provide you with the option of displaying images in a number of ways, from small grid-like displays to large and full-width displays. Of course, very few portfolios are void of text—and with Pixpa, you can balance your text with the images to create a perfect hierarchy. In his Pixpa portfolio project, UX designer Matthew keeps his text on the right side of the page to let his visuals really sing. It’s common knowledge that having a well-presented, responsive portfolio is the key to success for any UX/UI designer—especially if you’re new to the field.

ui ux designer portfolio

This includes a redesign of NBCUniversal’s employee intranet, as well as extensive design work for Lightwell, a creative app building tool. Gage keeps his website simple with a vertical scroll that allows for easy reading. Singapore-based designer Shing L has her design portfolio divided into sections based on her various talents, from photography to illustration to album art for bands. She uses her UI/UX gallery to showcase a selection of projects, with each one leading to a more detailed gallery offering viewers a project case study.

🎨 Visual design

You might also like to see the kind of portfolios that CareerFoundry UX design graduates produce—and in the video below you can watch a senior UX designer’s review of a recent graduate’s portfolio. Our friends over at UX Collective have also put together an extensive list of innovative UX design portfolios that’s worth browsing. You can start with portfolio templates to speed up the process or hone your design skills and make one from scratch. Once you’ve laid a foundation, customize your UX portfolio keeping best practices in mind. Tania uses a combination of earthy, neon and neutral colors on her website to foster a more attractive experience.

ui ux designer portfolio

Henry’s website is a well-rounded portfolio where he shares a short bio, a list of completed projects, and his design philosophy. What’s particularly noticeable is how bold and transparent Henry is about what it’s like working with him. On top of explaining the main stages of the design process (Understand, Explore, Prototype, and Deliver), he clearly mentions that UX design is a collaborative process.